Redwoods and stewardship

“Cutting the burl off redwoods … it’s like cutting off their feet. That’s the source of new roots, to get bigger, to keep growing.”

The California Coastal Redwoods were extensively clear cut around the turn of the century. But, thanks to the Redwood League (later Save the Redwoods) and influential individuals, acres of old growth redwoods still stand. The timber industry and environmental activists continue to spar over the healthiest maintenance plans for redwood forests. Gerald Beranek is an “old logger” who also happens to revere the majestic redwoods, and has published several books on these majestic trees. He shares redwood facts, a little history, and the best way to approach stewardship.



Homeless and their dogs

A dog can be more than a homeless person’s best friend. It provides warmth, protection, and companionship. Troy Williams of RoadDogs Outreach¬†shares his experiences of assisting the homeless to feed and care for their furry friends.