Many of the parks my family visited when I was a child included interpretive trails. With self-guided brochure in hand, I would rush up to the next numbered post, wait patiently for my family to catch up, then read out loud the appropriate text. I loved that I was responsible for the resulting, “Oh!” and “Interesting!” Of course, someone else had actually researched and written the brochure, but I took credit for my family’s enlightenment.

Over the years, my resume included retail, mail order catalog buying and copy editing, greeting cards, and legal support. What I was seeking could not be found in a career counselor’s handbook. I finally struck gold when I discovered I could help people tell their stories. I have written for community newspapers, created a personal history business – You Are A Classic, and contribute stories and articles to Cowbird, and iPinion Syndicate.

With Conversation Accessories, each week you’ll hear interviews on completely different topics. In fact, because life too easily settles into ruts and/or habits, at the end of each show I suggest something different you can do.

What stories do you have to share?

Julie Parker


One thought on “About

  1. You are a very committed woman.
    Very interesting site….
    Glad to meet you…
    Art With a Pulse Madame Chinchilla

    When u interview us i would like Mr. G .my date to be included as we are two…as…one on this subject…tattoos…museum…

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