Independent radio and education

Corporate radio is struggling, and for good reason. Listeners are demanding variety, and finding it online or via satellite. How can people hear their favorite types of music (with unlimited artists), and support their local community?  Dennis Newhall of Sacramento’s K-ZAP and Joe Parente of Process Theater, Inc. discuss their joint effort in bringing back a local favorite radio station of pub rock and blues into non-profit status, and assisting students with learning the evolving craft and technology of radio, and what the media has to offer in the future.



Black books and education

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The 2nd Annual Sacramento Black Book Fair – held in eight different venues – offered a plethora of informative, engaging, and entertaining activities from which to choose. The Brick House Art Gallery hosted a fabulous Kids Zone, with African drumming and dance provided by Jodama Drum & Dance, and vendors who introduced community-based organizations, such as Sojourner Truth Museum, Sacramento Area Youth Speaks, Black Child Development Institute, and Read Across Jamaica. Plus, the Crocker Art Museum’s Art Ark made an appearance. You’ll also meet four authors who attended an evening at Underground Books: Nicholas Powers, Cedric J. BoyKakwasi Somadhi, and Sandy Lynne Holman.