The Outlander Podcast and time travel

Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” book series has so strongly resonated with the masses, it segued into a popular television series, and an ever-growing fandom, including Summer and Ginger, who launched The Outlander Podcast before the television show even aired. Time travel, romance, and Scotland’s beautiful landscapes – what’s not to love?



Independent radio and education

Corporate radio is struggling, and for good reason. Listeners are demanding variety, and finding it online or via satellite. How can people hear their favorite types of music (with unlimited artists), and support their local community?  Dennis Newhall of Sacramento’s K-ZAP and Joe Parente of Process Theater, Inc. discuss their joint effort in bringing back a local favorite radio station of pub rock and blues into non-profit status, and assisting students with learning the evolving craft and technology of radio, and what the media has to offer in the future.


Cigar box guitars and ukeleles

Cigar box guitars are a blast to build and play, from actual cigar boxes to jello molds to auto parts. Will King of  Cigar Box Nation talks a little cigar box guitar building 101.


Writers and bellies

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Want an honest, frank opinion? Ask a writer. Over the decades, newspaper columnists have freely offered their (mostly) uncensored opinions every week, to the delight of readers who enjoyed discussing them over their morning coffee, or the office water cooler. Today, readers have the additional option of leaving comments on on-line publications, such as iPinion Syndicate. All media publishers, including iPinion, know that any given subject can be approached from many angles. I met with a few iPinion contributing columnists – David Weinshilboum, Debra DeAngelo, Kelvin Wade, and Carolyn Wyler – to demonstrate iPinion’s diverse personalities behind the columns. I asked them a variety of questions about a single non-political topic: bellies. The result is an intelligent, insightful, and humorous discussion.