Appalachian dulcimers and heritage

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The Appalachian dulcimer’s unique sound resonates on a cellular level with those of Irish or Scottish heritage, and is just plain lovely to the rest of us. Robert Scott of Where Ravens Fly discusses the history of the instrument, and plays a couple of songs on a Appalachian dulcimer he designed.


Native Americans and culture

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Indian? Native American? First Nation? The “appropriate” name of this culture varies, depending on the location.  Al Striplen, MA is a descendant of a California coastal tribe, who serves as docent at the State Indian Museum in Sacramento, also offering guidance and instruction in Native American spirituality, and mindfulness, through meditation and prayer.


Motown and Movements

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Motown and that “Motown sound” continues to be a powerful influence on musicians and songwriters, and it’s just plain funMotown on Mondays (“MOM”) is truly a party for all ages, with 18 current locations, and looking to spread the joy into Europe. This week, I speak with a few of the Sacramento Motown on Mondays gang – Ginnie Jester, Chris Hopkins, and DJ Epik – about this unique ongoing event.