The Outlander Podcast and time travel

Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” book series has so strongly resonated with the masses, it segued into a popular television series, and an ever-growing fandom, including Summer and Ginger, who launched The Outlander Podcast before the television show even aired. Time travel, romance, and Scotland’s beautiful landscapes – what’s not to love?



Writing and geese

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Includes interviews with columnists of iPinion Syndicate –  David Lacy, Kelvin Wade, Donald Sanders, Pat Ridgley, Carolyn Wyler, David Weinshilboum – showcasing the diversity of writers’ backgrounds and subjects.

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Witches and avalanches

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Includes interview with Rob Ritchie, event leader and co-organizer at Sierra Mountaineering Club, about being prepared.

Shakespeare and heavy metal

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Includes interview with soft-spoken heavy metal fan, Virginia Jo Dunlap, about the influences and direction of the genre.

Marx Brothers and Almond Joy

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Includes interview with Shawn Harrison, co-founder of Soil Born Farms, about educating children to grow and cook their food.

Boozy icees and Oprah

Creative shaved ice offerings and Oprah poor-people style